Construction Bid Management in Oakville

Has an influx of general contractors returned with a wide range of high and overpriced bids for your construction project in Oakville? If so, SMDA Design Ltd. architectural designers are available to help you manage the construction bids. Our architectural designers will take care of the bids on your behalf, in order to ensure that you not only get the best price possible, but that you hire a reputable contractor as well.

This way, you, your clients, workers and team will be happily satisfied with the results.

An architectural designer Saves Money on Construction Project Bids

SMDA Design Ltd. bidding services can save thousands of dollars for organizations and individuals with the help of our experienced architectural designer who looks after your best interests. We provide bidding contractors with the technical details of your construction project in Oakville which results in accurate bids based on your requirements.

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Professionally Supported Plans Improve Construction Bid Process

We offer the services of a qualified architectural designer who reviews your costs while considering all safety concerns and quality control issues; such as:

  • Water infiltration
  • Energy factors
  • Structural integrity
  • And more

Including any other added issues that would be relevant to a potential contractor. The most important aspects of your proposed project plans are included in a methodically detailed report. In which the chosen contractors will then consult for reference in the bidding process. Bids are then based on an accurate and professional evaluation that cater to your specific needs, rather than a broad range of estimated variables.

This will also include all costs and potentially hidden costs that might show up during the building process!

How does Architectural Bidding Work?

The bidding process basically reveals the overall cost of your venture. Various construction companies/contractors will compete and vie for your project after a construction assignment is announced and invitations to bid are sent out.

Your architectural designer will then work with you in evaluating which bid is best suited for your development; and then depending on the project type, a negotiation procedure will take place. Usually this takes a bit of time because you want to ensure that your money is being well spent. All independent contractors and companies adhere to different rules and regulations. Your architectural designer’s job is to help you find the company that is best suited to your plans.

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How Contractors Handle the Bidding Process

Many contractors tend to base their bids on estimated costs, without even the slightest understanding of the specifics to your particular project.

Our architectural designers are detail oriented and do their best to provide comprehensive documentation that can be reviewed for more accurate bids. When SMDA Design Ltd. manages the construction bid for you, contractors are compelled to base their bids on our professional findings, resulting in a whole lot of savings for clients. Not to mention, precisely accurate construction plans for your proposed project.

For further information regarding the management of construction bids for your project in Oakville give us a call today! You’ll be to have gotten our efficient and effective architectural designers involved!