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Thoughtful architecture Livable Space

Based in Oakville, Ontario, our office employs traditional architectural principles married with relevant design trends to create tasteful custom homes throughout southern Ontario.

Our design process starts with finely attuning ourselves to each unique client in order to understand who they are and how they live or work.

This approach is followed by a mindful understanding of site placement, surrounding context, and an analysis of local municipal constraints.

By offering refreshing and dedicated solutions, we introduce intuitive possibilities through design, while being respectful of your tastes and lifestyle. We have a strong commitment to client engagement in the design process, and to the architectural principles of creating thoughtful, livable space.



Style and function are not as timeless as they are purported to be and eventually your living space begins to show it’s age, especially as your lifestyle ebbs and flows, your tastes change, and building fashion evolves.

We can transform your existing house into a better functioning and up-to-date home that suits your family’s current lifestyle.


Updating and adding square footage can be so much more that just bolt-on space or a superficial facelift. With careful analysis of both your space and your lifestyle, the challenges of your current home can be easily solved with great design and intelligent execution.

We embrace the fact that renovations are, in so many ways, much more challenging than starting with a clean slate. Where budgets are a limiting factor, the awareness that every line we draw represents a cost remains at the forefront of our minds. We delight in witnessing time and time again how the most inspired solutions are borne out of the toughest design challenges.



Heritage preservation plays an important role in defining a community and protecting our past. By advising clients on the matters of heritage society process, and & design expectations, we venture forward with a clear picture of what can be accomplished.

Not only are we providing services for our clients but for the community as a whole. An idea we like very much.

Owning a heritage property is a unique experience, you’re not just a part of living history you’re part of a community that provides people with a feeling of security, a sense of belonging. Every community aspires to have some amount of familiarity. Roots.


Inspired Space
Crafted Detailing

We believe the interior architecture of a building is a natural extension of the exterior design, and the two should complement one another holistically. As such, interior spaces are worthy of just as much attention as the exterior of the buildings housing them. The interior is where the sense of space started by the shell is completed, and the personality of the occupant is reflected even more intimately than the exterior.

Whether your interior project is part of a new build, or just a stand-alone refurbishment/remodeling exercise, we provide you with a crafted result that reflects who you are even more than who we are, whether your taste is transitional, contemporary or modern.

Architectural interiors include elements and materials that are fixed to the building such as mill work & cabinetry; stairs & railings; fireplace mantels and wall paneling; crown moulds and trim details; light fixtures and plumbing hardware; flooring and tiling; specialty materials and colours.



When you walk into the studios of Strickland Mateljan, we hope you are able to perceive the sense of calm and soft discipline we strive to create in our work environment. Although we have our fair share of nail-biters, melodrama is not our style. We love what we do, from the people we meet doing it, to the buildings and spaces that are testament to our labours. Pooling our talents in a partnership was the best thing we ever did.

We are both intensively involved in all phases of our projects from beginning to end. Sometimes you’ll get one of us, and sometimes you’ll get both, depending on the particular needs of the project.

We are dedicated to maintaining excellent working relationships not only with our clients, but with local municipal agencies as well as with a network of building contractors and professional consultants.

Alison Strickland, PARTNER B.Arch MRAIC

Rick Mateljan, PARTNER B.A., C. Tech.

79 Wilson Street, Suite 301
Oakville, ON L6K 3G4

Phone: 905 842 2848

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